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W.A.Y - We're Against You [entries|friends|calendar]

Hi, welcome to W.A.Y, other MCR online fancomic -fanFICTIONAL cartoon- or whatever So,I hope you enjoy your stay here....and please....i want to know your opinion,suggerences what do you think about the comic...it's very important 2 me...to keep this comic alive. xoxo. Denorii.



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093 - Piggyback [28 Jan 2010|05:24pm]
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WAY THIRD ANNIVERSARY!! : D [27 Jan 2010|05:22pm]
Thanks for all these three years of support! : )

Everything is explained in this drawing :D
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091 - The Origin Of Series: TGOY [31 Dec 2009|05:20pm]
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090 - A sad Xmas Memory [16 Dec 2009|04:22pm]

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089 - Sexy Vampire [31 Oct 2009|11:53pm]
The Halloween cartoon.
(very late
For a better design visit http://way.smackjeeves.com
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088 - Mikey F-in Way Happy F-in Birthday [10 Sep 2009|05:22pm]
I'm such a shame.
Haven't posted comic in a while.
but i made an exception...because Mikey deserves it...and birthday specials are tradition.
And it's a little nostalgic how the 3 Mikey birthday comics i have made are so different in style and everything.
If i haven't posted many comics this last year since 28th Mikey's BDay (like 16) Blame PSU plz.

okay, let's change the topic this time to celebrate Mikey's Birthday!! : )
and as the Way Mikey deserves to be celebrated!

Enjoy please.

Updates !
* if you want to read W.A.Y in a WAY MORE CONFORTABLE LAYOUT go to http://way.smackjeeves.com
* i made a livestream channel to broadcast my process of drawing a W.A.Y comic. gonna be tweetin' about it. i'm Denorii on there. I'M SURE YOU DIDN'T EXPECT THAT USERNAME! XD


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087 - Way back on time trailer [20 Jul 2009|06:58pm]
i'm Back !!*jumps*

considering the obsession that Mikey has about the 80s right now by twitter.

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086 - Alert! [14 Jun 2009|08:18pm]
comming back...with new ideas about the current obsession..twitter! xD
fuck PSU

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085 - Gerard BDay [19 Apr 2009|10:44pm]



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084 - Twitter Series One: Foreign Languages [02 Apr 2009|08:13pm]
I came back from the underworld procrastination!
Twitter made a revolution on mcr fanbase.
That deserves a series of comics of W.A.Y, doesn't it?

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Second Anniversary comic [15 Feb 2009|11:34pm]
This was suppossed to be done on 27th but i couldn't due to an strong case or procrastination invading all my Central Nervous System

anyways here you are.

guesting the winner of the Support Contest: Lorie (also known as mychemicalstarfire)

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TWO WAYS. TWO YEARS. [27 Jan 2009|03:09pm]
This is going to be a complete classic.
But i needed to do it.

Two years ago i didn't know this was going to happen two years later.
Two years ago i was a 15 year old girl who was obsessed with My Chemical Romance and also the Ways, and drew comics just for fun and didn't want to publish them because she was afraid to get in trouble or something.
I don't think my comics are funny, even if lots of people tell me so, i don't think so.
This started like an experiment or something not serious, sometimes because of the few comments i planeed to stop doing W.A.Y comics because i thought it went bad and nobody liked them.

And then i made friends with Kirsty of MiniMCR, when that comic was active and doing funny cartoons, and she gave me enough exposure by "affiliate" that i couldn't believe.
And then people started commenting and faving my comics on deviantART and that's how everything started.

on deviantART this comic (in my account) has won around 200.000 of pageviews and an average of 200-300 faves per comic.

but is not only about stats and pageviews, even if this comic has won an amazing popularity on the MCR fandom that amazes me and makes me really happy, i don't forget that is not only about numbers and i really enjoy drawing comics which make people happy or make the people smile or giggle.

My goal is to make REAL Gerard and Mikey Way -and why not Frank, Bob and Ray?- see and read the comic and to hear their opinion, thing i couldn't do almost a year ago when MCR came to my country due to some little troubles and because i didn't win the Meet and Greet and i didn't have luck. But i still keep the faith.

This year, i hope to draw more comics, to draw like the past years, even if school and PSU (exam to be on a uni carrer) make it harder -my last year on school and the next year i'll be on the university-
Wish me luck and obviously i'd like to thank everyone who has been important for me and everyone who has read the comic.
I realise that on facebook W.A.Y has 700 fans o___O AWESOME.

Thanks for the coffee.
Thanks for the venom too, cause it made me stronger.

Thanks for making me draw more comics with "i want to see more" "nice" "LOL"
Cause a LOL means too much for me, and makes me happy too.



(i'll submit the comic later, a need some time)
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082 - The Mikey Coffee Game [23 Jan 2009|01:05am]
W.A.Y Second Anniversary is close....

and I've got a contest here


something else?
have fun with the cartoon, wait, is not a cartoon but is something WAY better.

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081 - Tacito BDay Special [15 Jan 2009|05:55pm]
Tacito the mug was officialy "created" or sketched by the first time on Janury 10th of 2007 by my best friend Kuriru, or Kuri, for short.

Tacito became popular in these Two years W.A.Y has had online as Mikey's mug on the comic, not on the real life, even if many people think that Michael Way has actually a green mug with a face.He hasn't a real tacito, and many people wish that was true.

anyways, tacito has been a fever on the MCR-fandom or something like that.
I have seen so many fanarts incluiding Tacito as Mikey's mug and whatever.

something that started here became something really big
What's the next step?
Posting a picture of real mikey Way holding a Tacito?

Let's pray to see that

Happy Belated Birthday Tacito.
Two Years of Awesomeness.

(i'm a procrastinator,sooooo....i'm posting this comic 5 days after the "big day", so, let's call that an epic FAIL plz)


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080 - The Shiny Tree plus cuteness [24 Dec 2008|09:08pm]

your gift is HERE!Collapse )
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079 - "How to" series: Know that your sibling's brain has been eaten by zombies games [10 Dec 2008|06:43pm]
The title explains it all.
I'm gonna start doing a little series about "How to"'s
This one is the first ...and the second comic inspired by the MCR.com blog. yay!
(the blog)is actually funny and inspirational : D

thanks guys from My Chem.


PD: i'll start doing more displays, do you think i should do ones for the new comics?
just wondering.

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078 - Dear Blog: The coffee machine is awesome [05 Dec 2008|04:08pm]
MCR can't imagine how inspirational is the new format (blog) for this comic.
if they were reading this:

i love every post and is now one of the most frequently visited pages on my laptop c:
i have really laughed out loud and had lots of fun with the posts
keep on doing that

thanks guys.

first comic inspired by this awesome format...
the first of thousands commin'
got a huuuge list of comics-to-do

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077 - Thanksgiving in memory of the turkeys [27 Nov 2008|03:14pm]
Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

Keep on checking the smackjeeves...BETTER LAYOUT...information....comics WAY easier to find
I'll be posting more things on there c:
like a blog or something like that xD

here you've got the comic.

Happy thanksgiving c:
i don't celebrate it....i'm chilean
so...chilean turkeys can breathe safe...
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W.A.Y SUPPORT CONTEST 2008 [23 Nov 2008|09:28pm]
I'll be doing more on the next years.
but this one is the first

you won't need to draw...is only about showing your love
Find the Link hereCollapse )
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076 - Halloween spirit [27 Oct 2008|08:17pm]
Halloween is for Gerard as X-mas is for a little kid?Collapse )
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