W.A.Y - We're Against You

My Chemical Romance fanfictional comic

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W.A.Y (or We're Against You) is a cartoon or fan-comic TRIBUTE to the awesome and incredible brothers : Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. (This means that the rest of band members won't appear here.)
Is made by a fan and destined to the fans entertainment and has not OTHER purpose.
...and these events do not happen in real life.
(i don't have a hidden camera to see what happen in their lifes....)

Both are cartoonished...this means that they are not exactly the same -obviously-...their behaviours and obsessions have been "exaggerated"....like all the comics ever drawn.
It includes mostly RANDOM comics/parodies/whatever about them.

(Is a pure and innocent comic...so, don't expect to find Waycest,Frerard or these kind of things D:...and i wouldn't do them!!!)

Is online since January of 2007 but it was in my mind since August-September of 2006.
since i knew MCR for the first time i always had in my mind the idea about this pair of brothers with lots of differences between them which are in the same band.
it's a very funny and interesting thing to start a comic

so,i started creating some little short-comics since September,October....December, improving and creating my own style,practizing some kind of expressions,profiles,sketches.

(so,it was very difficult to decide Mikey's hair color....and how to draw it....if you have tried to...you'll understand.)